What Does A Family Tent Need To Know?

The Guide Gear TeePee is a spacious family tent.

The Guide Gear TeePee is a spacious family tent. Source: Waterproof Tent Guide

Many families decide to use a tent as a form of shelter when they go camping. It is crucial to choose the right tent as it is a pretty big purchase. After all you and your family are going to use the tent for years. This article is going to give you a few ideas on how to choose the tent that will make your family happy for years.

First of all, your tent is going to have to be pretty big. Othewise your family wouldn’t be able to stay in the tent comfortably. The tent will need to have space not only for the people who use it but your stuff as well. There are some quite spacious tents out there, like the Guide Gear TeePee that has enough space for six people and their gear and even a bicycle and you can even set up a table or a few chairs.

The tents need to have a skeleton that remains intact no matter what. Family tents are designed to be huge, so they are not very aerodynamic. Heavy, strong wind and storms can damage tents and they might collapse in strong weather. The tents with the strongest skeletons have aluminium or fiberglass poles. Fiberglass is a great material to make poles from, but it might fructure if the pole is not taken care of accordingly.

What really makes a tent steady are stakes and great guyout lines. The more guyouts a tent has the more time it takes to set it up, and the harder it is to find a place where you can set it up. If you have to put ten, fifteen or twenty stakes into the ground you must make sure that you pick a spot without rocks.

The best tents have a vent room. A vent room is the space where the whole family can come together and enjoy some time with each other. These rooms have two walls on the side and a door leading into the tent on a remaining side. The vent room has a rainfly protecting it from the top. This makes sure that the vent room is waterproof. The mesh allows the air to get in and out of the tent. The vent is perfect for coming together for a nice chat or a BBQ.

Some family tents have all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. These can include an electronic port, an internal gear loft or a pocket. A gear loft or a pocket allows you to keep a few smaller object by yourself while you are sleeping. An electronic port allows you to charge your iPod or laptop when you are camping.


You should make sure that your tent is big enough, and it is durable, whie it must have a vent room. If these are fulfilled you can choose a few gadgets that will make your camping more enjoyable.