Which Features Make A Backpacking Boot Great?

Backpacking is an activity that requires multiple pieces of very specialised gear, and your boots are one of them. You need to have shoes that are durable, because a backpacking trip can last for days. The shoes also need to be comfortable for the same reason. These boots need to have a specialised shape as your feet need to fit into the boot perfectly.

The boots can be made of multiple types of material. Plastic, leather and textil are all materials used for manufacturing hiking boots. The best ones have at least patches of leather and textil as these materials allow your feet to breathe. This means that no matter how much your feet sweat, they will remain relatively dry and hygienic.

The best hiking boots also have some kind of antibacterial material inside them. This is important as bacteria can infest your feet and shoes due to the constant sweating during your backpacking trip.

Your boots must be comfortable, your trip would be a nightmare otherwise. The way you can make your boots comfortable is by choosing one that has some inside cushioning. This will make them comfortable, otherwise your feet might get damaged by the solid material of the shoes. The bottom of the boots are made of solid plastic, because the trails contain a lot of sharp edges, rocks and trash that could hurt your feet had you stepped into them. These parts are solid, durable, but the inside needs to be soft and comfy. In fact some shoes have cushions for your toes in the front of the boots.

The best boots also need to be light. Light shoes are good shoes, because they have minimal impact on your body. You have to carry a lot of weight anyway, which puts pressure on your joints. Your knees can deteriorate in a rapid rate if you use them as much as you do on a backpacking trip, so use as light boots as possible.

Obviously you need waterproof boots. Water can be a constant source of frustration outdoors,  most pieces of equipment become useless if they get wet. Your boots won’t be useless, but they will be very unpleasant to use when they are soaking with water. Not to mention that if you have waterproof boots you will be able to cross shallow streams, lakes and rivers.

To round up you need waterproof shoes to be able to continue your journey even in heavy rain. A light pair of boots will minimise the impact of your gear on your knees. If you use boots with antibacterial material inside them you can rest assured that your feet remain healthy and hygienic. The best hiking boots also need to be comfortable so that your long backpacking trip will be a pleasant experience.