What Can You Use For Lighting A Fire Outdoors?

Lighting a fire outdoors is very important as it can keep you warm, not to mention that you need fire if you want to eat warm food in nature. However lighting a fire can be a difficult task when you are outside. First of all anything can get wet, the wind can put out the fire, not to mention that lighting a fire requires a special device. In this article I am going to take a look at the devices that you can use to light a fire in nature.

Matches are an obvious candidate, but matches are quite problematic to use because they break easily – wood is not the most durable material after all – and they are useless if they get wet. However you can turn regular matches into waterpoof matches if you utilise one simple trick. You have to cover the head of the match with wax. Just light a candle and wait for the wax to melt. Push the head of the match into the wax and wait for it to cool down and get solid once again. If you want to use the match just remove the wax and you are good to go. All in all matches are not my favorite devices for lighting a fire outdoors because they break easily.


Fire can be used to cook your food outdoors. Source: Wikipedia

 Lighters are better from a few points of view. They are definitely more durable, Zippos can be windproof, but they are not waterproof unfortunately. You can’t make them waterproof, you have to make sure that you keep them dry. My biggest problem with Zippos is that they work with gas that can escape the body of the lighter and it is hard to refill. For exactly this reason you have to take multiple Zippos with yourself if you want to be sure that you have a device that works. You need to pack them to different places, into different pockets in order to make sure that at least one remains dry no matter what.

The best devices for lighting a fire outdoors are magnesium rods. These are little bricks of magnesium and a metal stick on the side of the brick. You can use the magnesium as the material to burn. Use your knife to peel off little pieces of magnesium off the brick. Then place your knife to the metal stick and press the two together and move your knife towards the ground to induce sparks.

Magnesium sticks are my favorite devices for lighting a fire outdoors as magnesium burns several times hotter than wood. This means that you can start a fire in more difficult conditions. You can start a fire even if the ground is wet, you don’t even have to make sure that your magnesium stick remains dry. Matches can be made waterproof, but they are hard to light in heavy wind, while Zippos are not durable enough, not to mention that they are useless if they get wet.



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