The Pros And Cons Of Basecamp And Portable Stoves

There are many different kinds of camping stoves out there, and each has both upsides and downsides. Camping stoves can be categorised by many different features. Everybody has a different idea on which is the best camping stove. Some stoves are ultralight, these are for lightweight backpackers. Others are small, these are for people who don’t have much space to pack in, these can include backpackers, or campers with small cars or no mean of transportation. The best camping stove depends a great deal on what you want to use it for, and when you want to use it.

One type is the basecamp camping stove. These are the largest stoves, they are stable and are known for keeping large pots and plates in place. These stoves have two or three burners, so they can be used for recreating the same power that your kitchen has at home. The multiple burners allow you to prepare multiple dishes at the same time or cook large portions. So the biggest upside to these kinds of burners is that they provide a lot of heat. These stoves have stable ports , and they can hold big pots in one place.

Portable stoves are exactly what their name suggest. These stoves were designed for travels, so they are pretty light, and all their features are designed to make this happen. These have the best cost to heat ratio. They are great for air travel thanks to their light weight, and that they can be cleared out easily. These stoves can burn multiple types of fuels. This makes these stoves great for backpacking. You can use any type of fuel, and you can easily replace the fuel on the road. Thanks to the great fuel-burned-to-energy ratio these types of fuels are great for winter hiking, which means that your fuel will last for a long time.

Unfortunately the portable stoves have the most pollution. They flare up multiple times before they hit the right size and type of flame. These high flames produce more carbon-monoxide due to improper burning.


I have written about two types of stoves in this article. First the basecamp stoves. These are bulky, sturdy stoves that allow you to get as close to how stuff is in your kitchen as you can. The other type of stove is the portable stove. These were made for people who travel a lot. They are lightweight, they can burn with multiple types of fuel, and they are very easy to clean out. Of course there are other types of stoves as well.


What Does A Family Tent Need To Know?

The Guide Gear TeePee is a spacious family tent.

The Guide Gear TeePee is a spacious family tent. Source: Waterproof Tent Guide

Many families decide to use a tent as a form of shelter when they go camping. It is crucial to choose the right tent as it is a pretty big purchase. After all you and your family are going to use the tent for years. This article is going to give you a few ideas on how to choose the tent that will make your family happy for years.

First of all, your tent is going to have to be pretty big. Othewise your family wouldn’t be able to stay in the tent comfortably. The tent will need to have space not only for the people who use it but your stuff as well. There are some quite spacious tents out there, like the Guide Gear TeePee that has enough space for six people and their gear and even a bicycle and you can even set up a table or a few chairs.

The tents need to have a skeleton that remains intact no matter what. Family tents are designed to be huge, so they are not very aerodynamic. Heavy, strong wind and storms can damage tents and they might collapse in strong weather. The tents with the strongest skeletons have aluminium or fiberglass poles. Fiberglass is a great material to make poles from, but it might fructure if the pole is not taken care of accordingly.

What really makes a tent steady are stakes and great guyout lines. The more guyouts a tent has the more time it takes to set it up, and the harder it is to find a place where you can set it up. If you have to put ten, fifteen or twenty stakes into the ground you must make sure that you pick a spot without rocks.

The best tents have a vent room. A vent room is the space where the whole family can come together and enjoy some time with each other. These rooms have two walls on the side and a door leading into the tent on a remaining side. The vent room has a rainfly protecting it from the top. This makes sure that the vent room is waterproof. The mesh allows the air to get in and out of the tent. The vent is perfect for coming together for a nice chat or a BBQ.

Some family tents have all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. These can include an electronic port, an internal gear loft or a pocket. A gear loft or a pocket allows you to keep a few smaller object by yourself while you are sleeping. An electronic port allows you to charge your iPod or laptop when you are camping.


You should make sure that your tent is big enough, and it is durable, whie it must have a vent room. If these are fulfilled you can choose a few gadgets that will make your camping more enjoyable.

Which Features Make A Backpacking Boot Great?

Backpacking is an activity that requires multiple pieces of very specialised gear, and your boots are one of them. You need to have shoes that are durable, because a backpacking trip can last for days. The shoes also need to be comfortable for the same reason. These boots need to have a specialised shape as your feet need to fit into the boot perfectly.

The boots can be made of multiple types of material. Plastic, leather and textil are all materials used for manufacturing hiking boots. The best ones have at least patches of leather and textil as these materials allow your feet to breathe. This means that no matter how much your feet sweat, they will remain relatively dry and hygienic.

The best hiking boots also have some kind of antibacterial material inside them. This is important as bacteria can infest your feet and shoes due to the constant sweating during your backpacking trip.

Your boots must be comfortable, your trip would be a nightmare otherwise. The way you can make your boots comfortable is by choosing one that has some inside cushioning. This will make them comfortable, otherwise your feet might get damaged by the solid material of the shoes. The bottom of the boots are made of solid plastic, because the trails contain a lot of sharp edges, rocks and trash that could hurt your feet had you stepped into them. These parts are solid, durable, but the inside needs to be soft and comfy. In fact some shoes have cushions for your toes in the front of the boots.

The best boots also need to be light. Light shoes are good shoes, because they have minimal impact on your body. You have to carry a lot of weight anyway, which puts pressure on your joints. Your knees can deteriorate in a rapid rate if you use them as much as you do on a backpacking trip, so use as light boots as possible.

Obviously you need waterproof boots. Water can be a constant source of frustration outdoors,  most pieces of equipment become useless if they get wet. Your boots won’t be useless, but they will be very unpleasant to use when they are soaking with water. Not to mention that if you have waterproof boots you will be able to cross shallow streams, lakes and rivers.

To round up you need waterproof shoes to be able to continue your journey even in heavy rain. A light pair of boots will minimise the impact of your gear on your knees. If you use boots with antibacterial material inside them you can rest assured that your feet remain healthy and hygienic. The best hiking boots also need to be comfortable so that your long backpacking trip will be a pleasant experience.

What Can You Use For Lighting A Fire Outdoors?

Lighting a fire outdoors is very important as it can keep you warm, not to mention that you need fire if you want to eat warm food in nature. However lighting a fire can be a difficult task when you are outside. First of all anything can get wet, the wind can put out the fire, not to mention that lighting a fire requires a special device. In this article I am going to take a look at the devices that you can use to light a fire in nature.

Matches are an obvious candidate, but matches are quite problematic to use because they break easily – wood is not the most durable material after all – and they are useless if they get wet. However you can turn regular matches into waterpoof matches if you utilise one simple trick. You have to cover the head of the match with wax. Just light a candle and wait for the wax to melt. Push the head of the match into the wax and wait for it to cool down and get solid once again. If you want to use the match just remove the wax and you are good to go. All in all matches are not my favorite devices for lighting a fire outdoors because they break easily.


Fire can be used to cook your food outdoors. Source: Wikipedia

 Lighters are better from a few points of view. They are definitely more durable, Zippos can be windproof, but they are not waterproof unfortunately. You can’t make them waterproof, you have to make sure that you keep them dry. My biggest problem with Zippos is that they work with gas that can escape the body of the lighter and it is hard to refill. For exactly this reason you have to take multiple Zippos with yourself if you want to be sure that you have a device that works. You need to pack them to different places, into different pockets in order to make sure that at least one remains dry no matter what.

The best devices for lighting a fire outdoors are magnesium rods. These are little bricks of magnesium and a metal stick on the side of the brick. You can use the magnesium as the material to burn. Use your knife to peel off little pieces of magnesium off the brick. Then place your knife to the metal stick and press the two together and move your knife towards the ground to induce sparks.

Magnesium sticks are my favorite devices for lighting a fire outdoors as magnesium burns several times hotter than wood. This means that you can start a fire in more difficult conditions. You can start a fire even if the ground is wet, you don’t even have to make sure that your magnesium stick remains dry. Matches can be made waterproof, but they are hard to light in heavy wind, while Zippos are not durable enough, not to mention that they are useless if they get wet.